PULP: Reclaimed Materials Art and Design


PULP: Reclaimed Materials Art & Design is a Toronto non profit corporation. We are devoted to the integration of design, architecture, environmental awareness, and social activity to enhance communities around the city.

“The unique event at the Great Hall saw 55 artists create strange, dainty installations, artworks, costumes, and even furniture in a multi-room playground made from recycled and reclaimed materials” (BlogTO on PULP: paper art party 2014)

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Announcing Senayah Design+PULP at Summer Solstice Festival! (June 21) See details here!

Announcing Card-yard at BIG on Bloor Festival 2014! (July 19-20) See details here!

PULP: paper art party was SO MUCH FUNNN. Will get a page up for it soon but in the meantime check out some photos here!

Check out our new Research page for detailed information of the design.

We like having fun and we’re always looking for new friends, so why not get involved?  Join in on the next project and meet a growing and versatile group of volunteers, friends, and collaborators. We welcome helping hands, advice, and critique. give us a shout!

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PULP pavilions at Card-yard

Card-yard at BIG on Bloor 2013

PULP debut event - paper art party 2013

paper art party 2013



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