Summer Solstice and BIG on Bloor 2016

PULP is looking for talented individuals and groups to design and create outdoor installations of various scales for two summer events in Toronto: Summer Solstice Festival (June 18) and BIG on Bloor Festival (July 23-24)!


BIG on Bloor 2015


PULP has been involved in Summer Solstice since 2014 and BIG on Bloor since 2013. We are given outdoor space in the middle of the festival and a budget to create activity and art hubs. Similarly to our annual PULP: paper art party, we are interested in small and large scale installations, even pavilions or architectural follies, or landscape design, that can be implemented during busy festivals (BIG on Bloor saw 100,000 visitors in two days in 2015).

This is not a competition, rather a call for a conversation. We encourage interested individuals and groups to contact with their ideas. Suitable concepts will be given a budget (depending on the scale of the project, up to over $1000) and whatever assistance PULP can offer such as transportation, volunteers, and advice. Designers will also be invited to community meetings if they are interested in networking with festival organizers.

Design a pop up garden in the middle of the road, or a cardboard crystal with a puppet show, or a miniature wetland, or a fort out of old bicycle wheels – this is your chance.

Looking forward to hear about your summer dreams!

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