Participating Artist – Chanel Dehond

Here’s another artist participating in our paper party, check out Chanel Dehond!

THE GREEN LINE Sculpture Park_Chanel Dehond, Stephen Wenzel
THE GREEN LINE Sculpture Park Chanel Dehond, Stephen Wenzel 2013 digital rendering.
Chanel Dehond is an architecture student at the University of Waterloo, School of Architecture. She uses the euphemism, ‘avid conversationalist’ to laughingly describe herself.  Chanel has a passion for exploration.  
VIM Chemically Enhanced Photograph_Chanel Dehond
VIM Chanel Dehond 2006 chemically enhanced photograph.
In the past five years, she has lived a nomadic life, accumulating architectural work experience at; Design Studio 22 in Coffs Harbour, Australia, Arquitectonica in Miami, USA, Atelier Baraness + Cawker in Nice, France, CEI Architecture in Vancouver, Canada, and Giannone Petricone Associates in Toronto.
HAY! Chicago_Chanel Dehond, Stephen Wenzel, Sydney Truesdale
HAY! Chicago Submission for the ACTIVATE! Chicago Competition” Chanel Dehond, Sydney Truesdale, Stephen Wenzel 2013 digital rendering.
Chanel’s portfolio varies dramatically, as it manifests itself through an agglomeration of mediums.  However, as she playfully explains, her incentive remains consistent, “I guess, in all of my work I am attempting to provoke a conversation… by arousing a tinge of uncomfortableness in everyone. I’d hope that my conceptions be a-sort-of catalyst for new conventions of interaction and – like alcohol – act as a social lubricant.”
IS THERE SOMETHING IN MY TEETH? Phone App Design” Chanel Dehond 2013 digital rendering.
Chanel is working with Sydney Truesdale on this PULP Paper Mistletoe installation for the event, as well as the short film titled, Waterloo Arch. 392 Urban Precedent 8. BARBICAN_Sans Narrator.  She hopes that the PULP Paper Mistletoe might unleash a few metaphorical Cupid Arrows.
To find out more about Chanel’s video and installation submissions visit our Programme Page.
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– Rotem