Participating Artist – Tim Birchard

Here’s a fresh new voice storming in the Ottawa/Toronto design scene, we give you Tim Birchard!

Structural Fungus

Structural Fungus

Tim Birchard Is an architectural designer and student working out of Toronto and Ottawa. His work focuses on how one interacts with an object through form, movement and light. Currently Tim’s work is focused on the adaptive reuse of existing industrial buildings, probing the endless possibilities that these spaces can serve architecturally. Tim believes that the future of design lies within the ruins of the past and that learning from these structures will provide a new approach to architecture and urbanism.

screen design

screen design

Tim studied architecture at Carleton University and is currently studying at the John H Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design. 

hanging forest 2

The hanging forest

The Hanging Forest was a designed by a group of students at Carleton university. The intention of this project was to create an engaging and intimate experience from a structure that never made contact with the ground. A world floating just inches above the site. With a focus on the ephemeral our group designed through instinct with materials easily acquired near the site.

hanging forest 1

The result was a heavy swaying frame that responded to the movement of visitors with motion  and sound. It became a structure not only resting above the site but also constantly recreating itself as visitors moved through the space.

Light Spores

The light spore

Inspired by the works of Gordon Matta-Clark and the need to reuse aging infrastructure the light spore became a competition proposal responding to an abandoned site in Ottawa. The project acts as a beacon, drawing pedestrian traffic through once unused parkland while also bringing to life a derelict and mistreated rail bridge. The structure acts as a boardwalk and dock in summer and utilizes the frozen river to create a stage in winter. The title “spore” refers to the projects ability to adapt and be constructed anywhere within Ottawa, Becoming a revitalizing force in once forgotten structures.

sparks street pop up

 sparks street pop up


Find out more about Tim’s contribution to the party and other design submissions at our Programme Page

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