Request For Proposals

Request For Proposals by Maria Mingallon, Nick Gatchalian, and Andrew Chung – Arup+Diamond Schmitt Architects (artist’s photo)

Request FoR PRoPosals is a joint Diamond Schmitt Architects and Arup installation design where as designers, architects and engineers, we see the amount of paper used each day in order to enact positive design for our environment. If we are to truly think positively for our environment, we must engage in the idea of sustainability in its most basic form.

Our intention for this installation is to reuse and recycle A1 sheets that are used, printed, and discarded every day towards markups, presentation drawings and submissions, and refold them into an origami-like structure which conveys every design idea in its raw form. In this way, the installation becomes a public display of every attempt to solve problems for the public at large – the strive to improve our environment for everyone.