Violin Prototypes

Violin Prototypes by Badanna Zack

This is a work in progress. The installation planned for for The Pulp Party will emphasise the individuality of each piece that will eventually comprise the final work. The finished piece will consist of 32 violins and will eventually be displayed in a large format composed of 3 rows of 6 and 3 rows of 7. The rows will be installed alternately. There will be one or two violins at the event.

This collection reflects many of the characteristics found in my past work: the use of repetitive imagery, the use of re-cycled materials such as boxes found in the super market, the monochromatic nature of the materials, and the variety of the surface which differentiates each individual within the group. By integrating all of these characteristics I am able to achieve a work that conforms to the original but is transformed into a work of art by changing the material.