Card-yard at BIG on Bloor Festival 2015


Audience for Baldini’s show at PULP Card Yard at BIG on Bloor 2015

Card-yard is an annual fixture at the BIG on Bloor street festival in Bloordale. Since 2013, Senayah Design and PULP created activity hubs in the festival area and invited artists and social groups to join the fun. Interactive activities – from crowdsourced art to Zumba classes – animate colourful cardboard tube pavilions in a pop-up public realm smack in the middle of the festival!

Here’s a look at some of the activities that made their homes under our cardboard pavilions this year:

Party Pucks aids Torontonians in playing Canada’s game – Table Hockey – on classic tables

Baldini, Man of Magical Mystery, captures an audience’s attention. This magician’s tricks will leave you astounded!

Maggie Godoy provides face-painting for kids and adults

Kenway Yu: Let your imagination run wild, creating fun paper costumes

Board Again (Games) teaches festival goers how to play a complete range of classic and modern board games

PULP Obstacle turns pop up cardboard tubes into an obstacle course

An audience listens to Emerging Writers: Poetry and prose readings from new and returning authors

Matt Maaskant provides slectronic soundscape music to chill us out 

Party Pucks next to Kimberley Howe’s puppet station and puppet kissing booth

Thanks to everyone that came out for Card-yard 2015!  Special thanks to all the amazing volunteers that helped make BIG on Bloor such a success!

Check out Card-yard from previous years and check out some more photos below!


BIG on Bloor Volunteers with PULP Director Rotem Yaniv