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Every year artists, designers, and architects create installations out of discarded materials and re-imagine the spaces where PULP: paper art party is taking place. Artists are encouraged to come up with creative solutions for connecting and assembling their pieces without using common adhesives or anything that may destroy the materials’ capacity to be recycled or composted.

Below are a few of the sketches sent to us by artists to describe their installations. We will have at least 10 installations (if not over 15, we’re still receiving a few late submissions) by more than 20 artists. Keep checking this page as we will update it with more installation designs before the event.


PULP: paper art party 2016

Contoured Environment

The intent of this installation is to create an experiential and interactive space, aiming to enhance the overall fun and social atmosphere of the PULP : Paper Art Party event. This space would be best suited as a connection point from one installation area to another, creating a passageway people must enter and traverse. As one traverses the installation, the strips will move, creating a tactile and dynamic environment. Lighting will also be a key element as light and shadow will modulate with the moving material as well as vary between the semitranslucent paper and gaps created between the strips. The RAW design team will explore different shapes and forms which can be created with the strips in order to create as dynamic a space as possible. This may include tunnel-like forms, viewing windows, waves, walls, curtains, etc. The team would like the installation process to be as dynamic and engaging as the installation itself, allowing for play and exploration, rather than a specified, rigid design which must be adhered to. This installation will be created using almost only large scale recycled architectural/engineering drawings.

Ksenija Spasic – Sea Pod Installation

PULP : paper art party 2016

Sea Pod Installation


by Ksenija Spasic



at Evergreen Centre for at risk street youth

This installation is created in collaboration with youth and staff from the Evergreen Centre for Street-Involved Youth. It is a space of safety and wonder like the Octopus’s Garden. The substructure of the pod is made of reclaimed plumbing pipes while the shell is sewn from donated fabrics. Moving from darker to lighter blues, the shell mimics the view from a seabed. Through the translucent top, a mobile of sea creature is visible. The floor of the pod is carpeted so a visitor can stretch out comfortably and reclaimed couch cushions act as seats. The pod is a lit hemisphere whose diameter is 3 meters (height 1.5 meters). The roof of the pod can be pulled open and closed by those entering it.

Ksenija, staff members, and several youths have been in the process of making this installation since mid November. Sharon Abel collaborated extensively in designing and building the pod. Rik and Aleke Dekker have provided creative and logistical support. Rik’s craftsmanship and the reclaimed materials he secured were instrumental in the project’s creation. Youth at Evergreen who also contributed to the project are: Savannah, Ace, Rob Vanderveer, Zacarie Girand, Chelsea Matz, Steph Rafuse, Dev, Tiffany Skye, and Dev Deepa. For more information on our involvement with Evergreen please visit our Charity Page.

Ayda Ghaffari – Paper Tulips

PULP : paper art party 2016

Paper Tulips

The installation will be of strung tulips made from individual egg carton cups. Each string will hold different amounts of tulips. The strings will be fishing wire attached to a large cardboard tube (from a fabric roll). The roll will be light and can be attached to the wall with 3M hooks. The tulip cut outs will be dipped in natural dyes (beets, saffron, etc) for an ombre effect.

The excessive consumption of animal by products is a reality of our society, and maybe by seeing all these egg cartons the guests will take a moment to reflect on their own contribution to the build up of waste.

Tanya Decarie – Giant Interactive Comic Book Installation

PULP : paper art party 2016

Giant Interactive Comic Book Installation

Kenway Yu – Costume and Craft Station

PULP : paper art party 2016

Costume and Craft Station

Time to play! Come and put crayon and scissor to paper at the Papercraft Workstation. Make some art or just have fun. Hats, jewelry, toys, you name it! Kenway will be there to help!

Zoal Razaq – LANTERNA

PULP : paper art party 2016


The intention of this installation is to reuse discarded architecture projects by students and turn them into an illuminated relic. Lanterna is a group origami lanterns fitted with energy efficient LED bulbs, that give off a warm glow as light emits through the twisting forms. When LED lamps are turned on, the lanterns turn a warm and creamy hue, casting a comfortable and relaxing glow. Each of the delicate lanterns are made from hand formed recyclable mylar paper and wires that are suspended from the ceiling by ribbons. The lanterns range between 16”-8” wide in diameter, with total of 13 lanterns grouped together.

Veronica Abrenica – Give a Dam

Give a Dam from Veronica Abrenica on Vimeo.

The piece calls for the action of cycling to provoke the gesture of “Giving a Dam”. Participants ride the bike trainer which acts as a printing press, printing on strips of cardboard to be collected and collated into a collective beaver dam. Participants are encouraged to write their own note on the twigs they formulate. For this version, I’d like to make the skeleton of the dam so participants are able to enter the structure as it is being built up. For more information visit


PULP : paper art party 2016


I am fascinated and often dismayed by the contradictions and degradations in our lives – historically and in the present. Our minds are set to automatic. We don’t question; we accept our safe presumptions. 

My aim – sometimes consciously and other times subconsciously – is to push the boundaries beyond our presumptions and judgments and to travel beyond trite polite conversation.

I want to reclaim private spaces and bring them them into the public realm. I want people to unpack their safe ideas, to question society’s presumptions.

I want to shift the gaze from the pretty to the real.

Materials Used: Reclaimed tissue paper.

Team member and curator: Reesa Wasser

Shakil Akram Khan – Lamp Shade

PULP : paper art party 2016

Lamp Shade

The dodecahedron is a polyhedron with 12 regular pentagonal sides. The structure is made with common kitchen objects such drinking straws, twist ties, freezer paper and masking tape. It can be used as a lampshade or a bobble-head. The bobble-head can be made by using clear plastic on one pentagonal  face to allow for visibility. I am working for an ink manufacturer that serves the printing industry. I use waste paper and film from the  printers for my artwork.

Richard Freeman – Paper Igloo

PULP : paper art party 2016

Paper Igloo

This installation would function as a space for reflection, contemplation and discussion of climate change and the effect it will have on communities in Canada’s North as well as a “chill space” for party-goers at Pulp. Persons experiencing the space may draw a connection between their own waste and consumption and how it contributes to global warming. Small lights inserted into the structure or potentially projections from the party lighting will illuminate the space in a warm inviting way. The filtered light within the space, its intimate and embracing geometry will create a positive memorable experience for party-goers. The installation would be constructed using paper tubes fashioned into triangles and covered in semi-transparent mylar. Images of the north and melting ice would be printed on mylar and used to cover strategic panels, such as the central roof panel. All other materials would be sourced from re-used architectural drawings.

Ilana Hadad – Phone Booths

PULP : paper art party 2016

Phone Booths

I will design and build two “phone booths” for Pulp, connected by an acoustic phone. They will allow for a more interesting and/or distant relationship between both phone booths, as the connection is not limited by a linear phone wire.

Rotem Yaniv – Urban Lights

PULP : paper art party 2016

Rotem Yaniv – Urban Lights

Urban Lights explores combinations of lo-tech and hi-tech methods of fabrication. Two lanterns, one made of cardboard and the other of millboard, showcase the capacity of modern laser cutting techniques to improve used materials. Discarded cardboard packages and millboard used for architectural models are cut to squares featuring a delicate geometric web. Mylar printed with architecture students panels (it was an urban design studio) is attached to these squares with paper clips – no glue is used. The clips’ metal holders allow for the sides to join into the finished cube. This project demonstrates a product that can be easily disassembled into its original discrete materials for recycling at the end of use.

This is a 19+ event.

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