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PULP: paper art party 2016 is a fundraiser designed to examine the current lifecycle of paper materials (among others) and investigate alternative uses. This year the event will take place on Sat Jan 16 at Geary Lane. This is a 19+ event.

This year’s party will support the Evergreen Center at The Yonge Street Mission, a drop-in program for at-risk street youth through art making and donations.

Artist Ksenija Spasic is working with staff and youth at Evergreen, making an installation for the event – Sea Pod Installation. It is a space of safety and wonder like the Octopus’s Garden. The substructure of the pod is made of reclaimed plumbing pipes while the shell is sewn from donated fabrics. Moving from darker to lighter blues, the shell mimics the view from a seabed. Through the translucent top, a mobile of sea creature is visible. The floor of the pod is carpeted so a visitor can stretch out comfortably and reclaimed couch cushions act as seats. The pod is a lit hemisphere whose diameter is 3 meters (height 1.5 meters). The roof of the pod can be pulled open and closed by those entering it.

Ksenija, staff members, and several youths have been in the process of making this installation since mid November. Sharon Abel collaborated extensively in designing and building the pod. Rik and Aleke Dekker have provided creative and logistical support. Rik’s craftsmanship and the reclaimed materials he secured were instrumental in the project’s creation. Youth at Evergreen who also contributed to the project are: Savannah, Ace, Rob Vanderveer, Zacarie Girand, Chelsea Matz, Steph Rafuse, Dev, Tiffany Skye, and Dev Deepa.

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PULP : paper art party 2016

Sea Pod Installation


by Ksenija Spasic



at Evergreen Centre for at risk street youth

In addition, PULP will donate funds to Evergreen Centre for at risk street youth which provides varied and nutritious meals at their youth drop-in centre. If you wish to donate beyond the price of a ticket, please choose one of the donation options on our Event/Tickets page.


About The Yonge Street Mission

Since 1896, Yonge Street Mission has been reaching out to meet the needs of people living with poverty in Toronto. Our diverse programs have made a positive difference in the lives of families, seniors, socially isolated adults, street-involved youth and children growing up in our low-income community.

One of the ways that The Yonge Street Mission helps to lift people out of poverty is through providing a comprehensive drop-in program at our Evergreen Centre for at risk street youth.

Food market volunteers

What The Yonge Street Mission will do with your contributions

The basis of our youth drop-in centre is to offer healthy, varied and nutritious meals. The provision of the meal is our gateway to providing access to a variety of other services, from counselling and health care, to job readiness and employment services. Our goal is to bring the youth to a place of personal confidence, and to re-engage them into society in a positive and productive way.

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