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Paper Tulips by Ayda Ghaffari

PULP: paper art party is an integration between a live music show and an art exhibit made out of reclaimed materials. It’s a paper playground!

  • Venue: Geary Lane (see map)
  • Event date: January 14
  • Submission deadline extended!: December 26th
On January 14th, 2017 at Geary Lane, we will celebrate the 5th PULP Paper Art Party. The evening will combine installation art, live music, dancing, and conversation. Proceeds will be donated to our charitable partner the Evergreen Centre at the Yonge Street Mission – last year we were able to donate over $1500!

We invite you to submit designs for video installations, art installations, furniture, outfits and more – with the only requirement that they be made of reclaimed materials and are safe. We encourage designers to think outside of the box and create unique temporary spaces. Go nuts, we like crazy.

Feel free to contact us with any question at 

Create a site specific installation for the party!

Create a site specific installation for the party!

Submission Guidelines:
  • Submissions should include necessary conceptual drawings and/or models conveying the intention and plausibility of the designs. Images should be in jpeg, upload any videos to youtube or vimeo to share. Identify one feature image to be posted on the event website.
  • Include the names of all team members and a short description about the installation to be included in our online programme.
  • Installations should serve a programmatic purpose during the event – conversation, creation, drinking, or play. We are looking for installations to pair with specific programs within the event – the entrance booth, the stage/dj booth, standalone pieces, two 12’x12’ spatial installations, the bar, the rear hallway and a photobooth. We also have a 19’x15’ room for one team of artists to take over. See plans on the next page.
  • Designs will be selected based on their ability to create environment related discussion, function, grandeur, or its potential for further development as a waste reduction technique.
  • Designs must be constructed quickly, or created in studio and assembled on site, as we will have only one day for set-up
  • Our venue will not allow us to use any staples and will limit the use of nails, push pins, etc. in their walls, columns and ceilings to avoid damage. If your design is not free standing, please provide methods of attaching your design to the space in a way that will also be easy to detach and clean. Please indicate this method in your submission.
  • Geary Lane features steel beams spanning across the ceiling which can be used to hang installations from by using clamps.
  • Lighting should be considered as part of the design – power is available on site.
  • Keep in mind that glues and resins may damage a material’s ability to be recycled.
Submit designs by December 26th via e-mail to
We look forward to working with you!

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Check out some of last year’s art below

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