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PULP: Reclaimed Materials Art and Design’s projects are organized and created by dedicated volunteers who join us in vision and effort to do more in the City of Toronto.

PULP Directors:

Pamela Bruneau

Ammar Ijaz 

Robyn Lewis

Justin Shin

Ksenija Spasic

Mikael Sydor

Rotem Yaniv

Friends and Collaborators

Senayah Design – http://www.senayahdesign.ca/framesets/1%20intro.htm

BIG on Bloor and the Bloor Improvement Group – http://bigonbloor.com/festival/

Architecture For Humanity Toronto – http://toronto.architectureforhumanity.org/

Toronto School of Art – http://tsa-art.com/

Arup Engineer, Maria Mingallon

Metropolis Factory – http://www.metropolisfactory.com/

Emerging Writers Reading Series – https://www.facebook.com/EWreading

Peace Quest – http://www.peace-quest.org/

Fakeline Factory – http://www.fakelinefactory.com/

Per Se Mobile food truck – http://www.persemobile.com/

Artist Dyan Marie – http://www.dyanmarie.com/

Artist Liz Pead – http://lizpead.wordpress.com/

Fakeline Factory – http://www.fakelinefactory.com/ABOUT-US

Nivå6 – http://niva6.wordpress.com/

Artist Alisdair Macrae – http://alisdairmacrae.com/home1.html

Artist Luisa Ayala

Current and Past Volunteers

Michelle Senayah

Ashley Adams

Tamsin Ford

Ksenija Spasic

Graham Brindle

Goldie Keshavarz

Jess Taylor

Bardia Sinaee

Pamela Cottrell

Charles Dean

Tracy Tse

Morgan Zagerman

Jay Feniak

Thomas Moore

James Sullivan

Melissa Daly-Buajitti

Ying (Chloe) Xu

Aoife Nolan

Andrea Yeatman

Matt Sonier

Alejandra Martinez

Bruce Gavin Ward

Special thanks to:

The amazing staff at Metropolis Factory, Sia Zanjani, Pechakucha Toronto, Anthony Rice, Ricky Bionix, DMDP, Lemon Bucket Orkestra, Irene Cortes, Steven Marshal Dragun, Bernie Wexler, Aberdeen B., all our artists, and our long-suffering family and friends for their support.

Extra special thanks to our sponsor: