Participating Artist – Tim Birchard

Here’s a fresh new voice storming in the Ottawa/Toronto design scene, we give you Tim Birchard!

Structural Fungus

Structural Fungus

Tim Birchard Is an architectural designer and student working out of Toronto and Ottawa. His work focuses on how one interacts with an object through form, movement and light. Currently Tim’s work is focused on the adaptive reuse of existing industrial buildings, probing the endless possibilities that these spaces can serve architecturally. Tim believes that the future of design lies within the ruins of the past and that learning from these structures will provide a new approach to architecture and urbanism.

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Participating Artist – Luisa Ayala

Luisa Ayala is a multidisciplinary artist who studied architecture in Caracas, Venezuela and had her Bachelor of Architecture diploma certified in Toronto. After 10 years of work in architecture, she began working to combine elements of her architectural practice with assorted media, including painting, video and film, sculpture, metal welding, and wood work.

Luisa’s most recent work in architecture has veered toward industrial projects such as the Quito International Airport and the Deep Geological Repository facility for nuclear waste near Kincardine, Ontario. Luisa’s work experience with energy, sustainability and infrastructure in architecture has made a significant impact in her art work.

ARTIST PROFILE_Apr.'13_page3_image1

Luisa’s was part of the team that designed the Visitor’s Centre for the Durham York Energy From Waste facility.

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Participating Artist – Chanel Dehond

Here’s another artist participating in our paper party, check out Chanel Dehond!

THE GREEN LINE Sculpture Park_Chanel Dehond, Stephen Wenzel
THE GREEN LINE Sculpture Park Chanel Dehond, Stephen Wenzel 2013 digital rendering.
Chanel Dehond is an architecture student at the University of Waterloo, School of Architecture. She uses the euphemism, ‘avid conversationalist’ to laughingly describe herself.  Chanel has a passion for exploration.  

Participating Artist – Peace Quest: Art Playground

Art Playground is community orientated project where people come together and create art.   287981_10151137138809906_1569377837_o

Our post card program is designed to bring together and encourage people from around the world to actively participate and break down barriers in the creation of a global art community. Peace Quest acts as a mediator in the growth of the global art community, opening the lines of communication between strangers from various nations and backgrounds. Our mail art program is addressed to our representatives in developing countries and participants our asked to fill their post card with their own personal art on the front. It could be a painting, drawing, a photo or graphic design picture. On the back you write a empowering message, such as a  personal story or a simple message of inspiration, love, wisdom and empowerment.

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Participating Artist – Michelle Zheng

This party couldn’t be complete without some Carleton U Representation, this one participated in Kosmic Milleux, an annual event that inspired PULP: paper art party. here’s a bit about Michelle Zheng!

I am an Industrial Design student studying at Carleton University, and right now I’m completing a year long internship with BlackBerry. When I was in Ottawa last year, I worked with a team of ID students to design one of the larger pieces for Millieux- the Apocalyptic Forest.

ID Forest

Setting up the cobwebs after the branches where attached to the “trunks”. Credit to my team for setting up the main foundation to in order to cocoon the branches.

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Participating Artist – Dyan Marie from Walk Here (BIG On Bloor)

Dyan Marie sent us an interesting submission – made from materials created at another art project called Walk Here: Bloordale.

Walk Here: Bloordale is an in-progress street-scape work for Bloor Street that has resulted in hundreds of draft drawings of flowers based on community drawing workshops with woman at Savard’s homeless shelter, New Horizon’s seniors home, Bloor CI high-school and others.  100 drawings will be recreated in stainless steel to be permanently inlayed into a new sidewalk on Bloor Street to create a garden and will be installed in time for the BIG On Bloor Festival July 20.


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Participating Artist – Liz Pead

This is the first of a series of post I will make showcasing some of the artists coming to the party, some of them have some amazing works behind them and I can’t wait to see what they will come up with for this event!

So I present to you – Liz Pead!

Here are some words from her blog and images she sent us (click for large format):

The landscape, hockey and the environment play large roles in my work, playing with high and low culture as ways of expressing and constructing Canadian Identities.

08EP2012Ice Hockey Trees NCC 12 DAY

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The happiest musicians in Toronto are bringing the happiest music to the happiest party that is also an art show on April 27th at Metropolis Factory! Kickstarting the night for two sets, THE LEMON BUCKET ORKESTRA are guaranteed to make this party a true celebration of paper, music, and multiculture.

At the risk of grinding everyone’s feet early during the night, this group of extremely talented musicians will play two sets not long after doors open at 8pm. Self declared as Balkan-Klezmer-Gypsy-Party-Punk-Super Band, they will rock your paper scissors. Warning – they have a few surprises in store for our crowd, if you wanna find out you gotta come check us out!

(click on the flyer to see in larger format in a new window)


– Rotem, in a folksy groove

Day Four of the Mixed Paper Experiment

Pretty darn good!

I have a folder with 26 recordings in it by 8 people. Some of them are really good me thinks.

Here are a few samples:


Think you can make more? I think you can make more. Tomorrow is the last day, tomorrow night I will send all the stuff to our DJ Eugene (in Korea, did I mention he is in Korea? No cause that’s important!)

Send your recordings to

What’s this about?

– Rotem