The Party That Started Spring

Lovely weather isn`t it?7Lemon Bucket Orkestra starting their show

So PULP came and went, what a great ride! On April 27, 2013, at Metropolis Factory, after only two and a half months of planning, we got around 460 guests to attend, and the general response the team members got was, “what a fantastic party, I hope you’re doing it again next year.”

Check out the photos!

14Trees installation by Liz Pead

You bet your donkey we’re doing it again next year.

PULP raised around $2200 which will be divided between Architecture For Humanity Toronto and PULP: Reclaimed Materials Art and Design.


Bar floating installation by Tim Birchard

But money really isn`t the major thing here. The real achievement of this party is the connections we made with over 20 artists from Toronto, Ottawa, and even Winnipeg, city councilors (Ana Bailao`s office and Kristyn Wong-Tam), community groups (The Junction Triangle, Bloor Improvement Group), and musicians.

3Our DJs for the night – (left to right) Marshal Dragun, RICKY BIONIX, and DJ Mo`chi

I have something to say! PULP is not really about parties! PULP is about changing the way people think about what we now call garbage and waste, researching ways to reduce the amount that ends up in landfills, and in the process give back to the community by donating furniture and other designs to public institutions.

SONY DSCArtist Luisa Ayala standing next to her chair (background) and Tania Ramos Gianone`s chair duo (foreground). Photo credit – Ariana Nikita Zeppieri-Makhan

So keep in touch with us for our next moves! We want to know if you have ideas for improving the next event or suggestions for furniture making and donation. Email us at with your comments and photos and to join our email list and also join our Facebook page at (the crazy posts 5 times a day stop, I promise, for now).

10Card and art making station facilitated by our friends from Peace Quest

This party and its level of success would not have been possible without the commitment and devotion of an amazing team of volunteers.

First and foremost, I want to thank fellow director Ammar Ijaz, who built this website, spent whole days coding the tickets system and managed it through the night, recruited volunteers, solved technical problems, and provided amazing advice and support throughout this project. Ammar brought the level of PULP from good to incredibly awesome and I owe him a lot for joining me with my paper dream and making it a reality.

Mikael Sydor and Justin Shin, also fellow directors at PULP: Reclaimed materials Art and Design, who along with Pamela Cottrell managed the space the day before and the day of the event, coordinating artists (which is not easy when you have 20 of them). They also worked on various tasks during the party with almost no breaks to make sure the event ran smoothly and safely.


PULP: Reclaimed Materials Art and Design Directors. From left to right – Rotem Yaniv, Mikael Sydor, Ammar Ijaz, and Justin Shin. Photo credit – Robyn Lewis.

Robyn Lewis is an outstanding volunteer who was essentially the face of the party. Robyn managed the door for nearly the entire night, treating guests with smile and care, troubleshooting problems quickly and efficiently, handling the cash-box, and answering any questions guests had for her during the event. Robyn was also very supportive during the preparations for the event and her help ensured its success.

Jay Feniak is responsible for our security and bar-tending crew, as well as for the logistics behind the bar, floats (who knew you need hundreds of dollars in quarters for such an event?), and generally making sure everything is working properly. Along with his fellow volunteer Thomas Moore they were an essential part of the organization. I also want to mention Andrea Yeatman and Matt Sonier for operating the bar for the entire first four hours of the night, they did a terrific job.

Thanks to DJ Mo’chi and Marshal Dragun for working the entire night with the soundman, Mike Whissell (who did a fantastic job on the board), operating the lasers and fog machines. They also helped a lot with promotion and advice before the event.

Also, many thanks to our other volunteers: Chloe Xu, Aoife Nolan, Morgan Zagerman, Alejandra Martínez, Karen Behanan, Margaux Agnes, Bruce Gavin Ward, and Architecture For Humanity Toronto Chapter Coordinators Tamsin Ford and Ashley Adams for filling in positions at coat check, the door, the beer station, and helping out with the enormous amount of preparations for this event. Many thanks to our graphic design Tracy Tse for designing the posters and website.

I also want to thank the bands DMDP and Lemon Bucket Orkestra for putting on a great show that night and to the other DJs RICKY BIONIX and Dennis Ramen. Special thanks to Per Se Mobile food truck for delivering the most amazing sandwiches during the night.

1Lemon Bucket at the end of their show

Finally, I would like to thank the amazing group of artists who turned the space into a paper playground for the night (in no particular order): Liz Pead, Dyan Marie, Luisa Ayala, Tim Birchard, Jessie Cortes (from Peace Quest),  Alisdair MacRae, Alejandra Martínez,  Graham Brindle and Tiffany Chiang (and friends), Michelle Zheng, Chanel Dehond and Sydney Truesdale, Franci Duran, Tanya Decarie, Tania Ramos Gianone, Jess Rowland, Ksenija Spasic, Ryan Kearsley,  Fraser Plaxton, Nathan Johns, Nicole Bazuin, Phil Reiter, Kristina Strecker and Evan Dysart, Peter Dahmen, Dobre Ideje, and Yoshihiro Hyodo.


Dear lord I hope I didn’t forget anyone.

Many thanks to our sponsors and especially Sia Zanjani of Zanjani Architect Inc.

And Metropolis Factory, you guys are incredible, your space is incredible, good times!

Until next time,

– Rotem

I need a haircut…