Card-yard activities: TIMEANDDESIRE

Yes I know I have been fairly silent about Card-yard, it’s because I got so busy with figuring out a way to create temporary pavilions out of cardboard tubes!

But we have now confirmed over 10 different activities for Card-yard at BIG on Bloor (which will inhabit these pavilions) and I’d like to introduce some of them on the blog.

So without further ado, I give you TIMEANDDESIRE!

Permission Series 02 (2013)-big on bloor

TIMEANDDESIRE is an interventive style of work that examines the concept of public and private spaces, as well as the role perception plays in constructing our lived experiences.

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For the BIG on Bloor Festival 2013 Timeanddesire will be displaying an installation, which includes signage and props,from their “Permission Series”. Using a combination of signs and props, the installation aims to free festival-goers of their typical assumptions about the given space they are in, while encouraging people to take a playful approach to the space instigated by the installation.

Join us on July 20-21st for a celebration of cardboard and outdoor activities!

– Rotem