Card-yard activities: Toronto School of Art

PULP and Open Streets welcome Toronto School of Art to Card-yard!



Transformations – TSA

The TSA space will be part gallery, part classroom, part home.


In a quest to make our lives harmonious and to connect with others, TSA proposes a space where all parts make up the whole. Individuals can come together to live, learn and create.

Stone Carving Class

One section of our space will be a small gallery that will display both a small selection demonstrating the work of students from the school, and work that will be produced during the festival. Another section will be a classroom with a worktable and supplies where visitors can produce new work. The last section will be the home, where people can rest, relax and mingle on furniture that is produced in the classroom. These sections may not be so much divided as (eventually, at the end of the event) propose a space where all can exist symbiotically.


The classroom will concentrate on 3 different activities or workshops during the festival – a furniture building class, co-operative sign building, and a workshop where participants will work on transforming a common recycled object into something completely new.




You can find out more about Toronto School of Art at their website –

Join them and us on July 20th and 21st at Card-yard at BIG on Bloor!

– Rotem