Participating Artist – Susan Hume Smith (PULP: paper art party 2014)

Yet another artist bringing her art to our paper playground, here’s a little about Susan Hume Smith (H.B.Sc)!



“My background is predominantly science based. I completed the specialist program in Statistics, and the major program in Mathematics at the University of Toronto and worked in medical research for many years.  Then I had 3 beautiful children. Using papier-mâché as an art form began for me when the birthday parties began. I was inspired to make piñatas for often-elaborate themed parties.”



“Some of my pieces that were intended as piñatas were spared the bashing with the stick by my children’s desire to preserve their piñatas and have them as art displays in their bedrooms.  Now that my children are older, my passion for creating with papier-mâché has continued for the sake of the art form and for commissioned art pieces and piñatas.”


The Blue Meanie

“Other past papier-mâché projects include a Medusa head, an Egyptian Mummy, a Dementor  (from Harry Potter), Geodude (a Pokémon character), an oyster, a grenade, a dragon, a Jack Skellington Mask, a Minotaur Mask and more.”


Chinese dragon mask that was used as part of a costume for a children’s Chinese dragon dance/parade.

Susan is bringing several pieces to PULP: paper art party 2014. Here are two photos of her progress on these pieces:


Speak and Be Heard


“Trashy Flower” (Lilium Recyclius)

We are excited to have Susan Hume Smith participate in our event! See more information about her installations and others’ for this year’s party here!

– Rotem