Our Brewers (PULP : paper art party 2015)

This year we have a special treat from you. I met Darren the Brewer on a winter long weekend in Muskoka, his family invited me over (I’m friends with his Sister) and I got to know the folks, and the brew. It’s a family business – Lake Of Bays Brewing Company.

So we’re bringing them with all their love to our party, including a draft station with two flavours on tap and three flavours in cans. I mean, you gotta have good brew, right? (We also have coffee from Merchants of Green Coffee so there will definitely be lots of brews at PULP).

Here’s a blurb the brewery sent me.

Lake of Bays Brewing Turns Five

It was five years ago that Darren Smith first opened the doors to his new state-of-the-art brewery, Lake of Bays Brewing Company, in the tiny village of Baysville ON (pop 300; Baysville is 2.5 hours north of Toronto, near Algonquin Park), in May of 2010. Darren was a 23-year-old recent university grad.


Darren Smith, five years ago

A five-year-long, wild ride later, Lake of Bays is one of Ontario’s 10 largest craft breweries and one of the fastest growing. The brewery has a staff of 45, including four brewers, five packagers and a sales team of 15. You can buy Lake of Bays at LCBOs, Beer Stores and pubs and restaurants right across Ontario, and it’s also available in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and the northeastern USA.


The crew, take a good look, especially what’s going on on the left

Lake of Bays prides itself on brewing all-natural beer that is of exceptional quality. Their beers are developed to provide a balanced flavour profile and are brewed with sessionability in mind.

LB has four year-round brands, four seasonal brands, and a limited-edition on-tap series called “Wild North.” Lake of Bays is also the official brewery of the NHL Alumni Association and the CFL Alumni Association.


Although it’s much more crowded in the brewery than in the early days, Lake of Bays’ beer continues to be proudly brewed in beautiful Baysville. The brewery is open for visitors. They offer tours and tastings, gifts and growlers, as well as a beer garden. Lake of Bays participates in more than 100 craft beer, culinary and tourism and cultural events per year.

While running a brewery doesn’t age you like political life, Darren does look a mite older. He rarely gets ID’d nowadays.


Core Brands

Available all year in tall cans at the LCBO, the Beer Store and on tap. These will be available at PULP : paper art party 2015 

Crosswind Pale Ale

Lake of Bays’ flagship beer. Originally called Lake of Bays Pale Ale. Brewery President Darren Smith originally developed the recipe on the stove of his apartment while still in university in Montreal. 5% alc./vol. IBUs: 25

Spark House Red Ale

The brewery’s second beer ever produced. A true red ale. (There are not many red ales in the craft beer market.) Originally called Lake of Bays Rousse. Currently their best-selling beer. 5% alc.vol. IBUs: 25

Rock Cut Baysville Lager

First introduced in April 2013. An easy-drinking light lager; a crossover beer for those new to craft. 4.2% alc./vol. IBUs: 15

10 Point IPA

Previously Lake of Bays’ autumn seasonal, introduced as a core brand in tall cans in early 2015.  A “balanced” IPA. (This is a debated topic among IPA drinkers, since one-upmanship in IPA hoppiness is in vogue in many craft circles. 10 Point comes in at a modest 50 IBUs.) 6% alc./vol.

Top Shelf Classic Lager

Introduced in autumn 2013, available year-round at the LCBO, The Beer Store and on tap. 4.5% alc./vol., 15 IBUs.