Tickets on Sale

It’s been a long time since I wrote a post. There is so much I wanted to share, but things have been moving fast and I had to keep up.

Here’s the short of it: we have a venue, we have Lemon Bucket, we have over 30 installations, the party will help Street Haven at the Crossroads women emergency shelter with funds and volunteers, we actually have one of our artists, Luisa Ayala, working with women at the shelter who will make an installation for the party, the art will live on for a week at Arstcape Youngplace and some of it will be taken by the shelter, we started tickets sale and the first two tickets were bought within five minutes.

Installation submission by Badanna Zack for PULP: paper art party 2014

Installation submission by Badanna Zack for PULP: paper art party 2014

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Help the Party Find its Course: The Big Picture

Hello again! So PULP: paper art party 2014 has been announced in I thought I’d share what’s going on behind the scenes so early in the game and also let you know where we could use your help.

Right now nothing is set in stone. We are exploring different venue options, although one has to admit it would be difficult beating a space like Metropolis Factory (which is why it is still high on our list!) We are looking for artists and activity groups to get involved. The idea behind this party has always been bringing people together during but also before the event.

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Card-yard activities: TIMEANDDESIRE

Yes I know I have been fairly silent about Card-yard, it’s because I got so busy with figuring out a way to create temporary pavilions out of cardboard tubes!

But we have now confirmed over 10 different activities for Card-yard at BIG on Bloor (which will inhabit these pavilions) and I’d like to introduce some of them on the blog.

So without further ado, I give you TIMEANDDESIRE!

Permission Series 02 (2013)-big on bloor

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The Party That Started Spring

Lovely weather isn`t it?7Lemon Bucket Orkestra starting their show

So PULP came and went, what a great ride! On April 27, 2013, at Metropolis Factory, after only two and a half months of planning, we got around 460 guests to attend, and the general response the team members got was, “what a fantastic party, I hope you’re doing it again next year.”

Check out the photos!

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