Card-yard at BIG on Bloor 2017

PULP’s Card-yard returned to BIG on Bloor Festival, for the 5th year in a row, on July 22-23, 2017! Check out the photos and activities from the event below!

PULP has been involved in BIG on Bloor since 2013. We are given outdoor space in the middle of the festival and a budget to create fun and free activities and art hubs. The reclaimed materiel installation art, performances, and activities are provided by talented Torontonians with a passion for social interaction.

Paint This Town by Ksenija Spasic

Paint This Town by Ksenija Spasic

Calling all ages to make a mess! Festival goers were invited to create a colourful city-scape using architectural models reclaimed from the Daniels School of Architecture.

Design Royalty by Design Exchange

Design Royalty by Design Exchange

Design Royalty by Design Exchange

Using reclaimed paper materials the Design Exchange team helped visitors create their own one-of-a-kind crown!

Flamenco Performance by Lala and Alison MacDonald

Larissa (aka “Lala”), a Toronto based flamenco dancer first discovered flamenco as a child and was enraptured by its music and dance. Larissa has performed in cities across Canada and in 2016, co-founded the flamenco dance collective, Illumina Flamenco. Larissa regularly teaches adults and children at Dance Teq Centre and the Academy of Spanish Dance. Visit for more info.

Toronto dancer and choreographer Alison Macdonald has been performing and teaching around the city for many years. She has a background in percussive dance forms but dedicates her focus to flamenco by participating in workshops and returning to Spain frequently for training. Alison is a co-founder of the Toronto based collective Triana Project and has been a member of the Compania Carmen Romero.

Lala and Alison performed with musicians throughout the weekend, and held a flamenco dance workshop during the festival.

The Great Baldini Magic Show


The Great Baldini

Baldini has been a performance illusionist for over 15 years and his approach to presenting Magic has always been about making people smile. When engaged with his subjects, he perfectly blends highly witty comedy with a powerfully engaging, “blow-your-mind” repertoire of illusions, thus producing a palpable sense of mysteriously hysterical Magic. Baldini’s clever patter, combined with his devious Magical sleights and smooth sounding voice, made for an exceptionally entertaining experience.

Music Performance by Ben Bootsma

Local musician Ben Boostma is bringing his guitar and his heart to our summer events. Ben will bring his cool sound to a hot day (at least we hope it will be).

City Blocks by Interspatial (Natalia Bakaeva and Mark Francis)

“City Blocks” is an installation made from a structure of recycled milk crates. Situated in the pedestrian realm of Big on Bloor, the installation provides flexible seating and visual interest both day and night. At night, LED lights will illuminate the structure in a glowing of white halo. During the day, pedestrians and attendants will be able to relax and take a break form the heat. The sculpture is also interactive in the sense that participants can move fixed units of 5 milk crates into different arrangements, using teamwork and spatial creativity, giving people of all ages the sense of agency that comes with directly creating urban spaces.

PULP: Weave by PULP: Reclaimed Materials Art and Design

PULP: Weave by PULP: Reclaimed Materials Art and Design

PULP: Weave by PULP: Reclaimed Materials Art and Design

PULP: Weave is made of over a hundred flexible 8′ long pieces of lumber. These are cutoffs from the Daniels School of Architecture, Landscape, and Design Midwinter Fire installation for Winter Stations 2017. The pieces are woven, secured with small bolts, and bent into a curved modular form. Several modules make the complete installation, which is of a small architectural scale.

PULP: Obstacle by PULP: Reclaimed Materials Art and Design + Peter Kelly

PULP: Obstacle is a pop-up playground made of plywood and reclaimed cardboard tubes. The installation was originally designed to be a standing wall, however children at Summer Solstice 2015 insisted it works better horizontal, and we had to admit they had a point.

This installation was designed with Peter Kelly.

PULP: Make by PULP: Reclaimed Materials Art and Design

PULP: make

PULP: make

Inspired by PULP: Obstacle and its ability to invite festival visitors to complete a half built structure, PULP: Make is a new art installation that aims to allow for pop-up architecture. Six 4×8′ plywood panels will be machine cut to different forms. These forms will have circular holes the size of cardboard tubes, allowing for easy connections. You are invited to join us and create a bench, sea saw, a table, and even a full size pavilion.









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