Improving Space at Street Haven at the Crossroads Women’s Emergency Shelter

(Our party was a success on all fronts, including financially! Information about funds donations from PULP: paper art party 2014, as well as a date for volunteers to come help at the shelter will be up soon.)

PULP: Reclaimed Materials Art and Design is happy to announce our cause for paper art party 2014 – Street Haven at the Crossroads women’s shelter.

Street Haven at the Crossroads is a multi-service agency that provides wraparound services for women experiencing homelessness. At Street Haven, women have access to a service continuum that includes an emergency shelter, a supportive housing program, addiction services and a learning centre. Street Haven serves an average of 1400 women each year, with the mission of lifting women out of homelessness and into a safer, healthier and happier stable life.

The 48-bed emergency shelter provides women with the basic living needs of shelter, safety, meals, clothing, medical and other necessary resources and supports for a variety of challenges ranging from mental health issues to experiences of violence, substance abuse, physical illness, fleeing from domestic violence and in all cases, extreme poverty and trauma.

Casue - paper art party 2014

Street Haven at the Crossroads Emergency Shelter

One of the paper art party goals is to create positive impact in spaces that could use some love and care. PULP is able to do this with funds raised at the event as well as through the participation of volunteers and artists. This means we can make the most out of every dollar we donate.

We are lucky to have one of our artists from last year’s party, Luisa Ayala, volunteer this year to work with the women at the shelter and create an installation for the party with them! 

Here are several spaces at the shelter where PULP can make improvements.

Please feel free to comment with your ideas for creative solutions that will better the lives of women living at Street Haven at the Crossroads!

Cause - paper art party 2014


Taking the tour with Shelter Supervisor Katherine White and Resource Development Manager Amy Leung, they explained to PULP how their garden space could be improved with more seating and planters.

Cause - paper art party 2014


Right now it’s covered in snow but we will update the photos over the summer. Meanwhile, is there a way this space can be used in the winter as well?

Cause - paper art party 2014


Here’s a ordinary canopy, but perhaps in the future a PULP cardboard tube canopy will join it? Two canopies are better than one!

Cause - paper art party 2014


On warm days, the staff at Street Haven fire up the BBQ for their tenants, a part of their food programs. To learn more visit their website and read here.

Cause - paper art party 2014

Exterior Stairs to Basement

The stairs to the basement are icy and create a slipping hazard. What are some ways to fix this problem?

Cause - paper art party 2014

Storage room

This is the shelter’s storage room. We may use funds raised at the party to buy more shelving units (or even create them ourselves, we got some builders and carpenters on our team) to help organize the space. What it really needs is 10 volunteers working on a warm weekend to get everything out, sorted, and back inside neatly.

Cause - paper art party 2014


The basement of Street Haven in the Crossroads suffered damage in a recent flood. The organization had to order costly repairs to the foundations and is now waiting for more funds to repair the walls (probably more than we would raise at the party) before it can make use of basement rooms again. We hope to find some methods to expedite these repairs, perhaps with skilled volunteers who could perform some of the necessary work.

Cause - paper art party 2014


As you can see, the basement is not the only area of the house that requires repair.

Cause - paper art party 2014


This is the shelter’s staff room on the ground floor level, a bit crowded and with missing ceiling tiles. Such a room calls for more efficiently organized space and maybe, just maybe, some art on the ceiling, maybe?

Cause - paper art party 2014

Entrance Lobby

A perfectly ordinary front hall. Our question is – how can we make it extraordinary?

Please visit Street Haven at the Crossroads’ website for more information about their activities and programs.

Following the paper art party 2013 PULP donated $1300 to Architecture For Humanity Toronto, which is now working on improving the front yard of Perth Avenue Junior Public School. We are hoping to be successful in 2014 at raising funds for our good cause through tickets sale and sponsors.

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