Summer Solstice Festival – June 21


Presenting The Junction Summer Solstice Festival – The first festival of the Summer Season, celebrating the longest day of the year. You can learn all about the Junction by enjoying a full day of activities & events showcasing the best Junction has to offer. With fantastic summer themed entertainment, sunny energy and a shopping experience like no other in the City.

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Celebrate DIY culture, love for art, design and music. Green powered event showcasing our neighbourhood’s passion for healthy lifestyle and love for fresh quality food. Day to Night enjoy family friendly shows and workshops, take a spin on a Ferris Wheel and taste the Junction. Stay around for a special events, movie screening and enjoy the bustling nightlife. June 21st- noon to midnight experience the magic allure of West Toronto treasure-The Junction!

Senayah Design and PULP: Reclaimed Materials Art and Design will join this festival with art installations and free interactive activities for festival goers!

Indian Grove
Participatory Fence Art Installation by Ksenija Spasic (Noon – 10pm)
Arts & Discovery Pavilion (Mavety Street)
Afghan Box Camera by Alisdair MacRae (Noon – 6pm)
Alisdair will engage people at Card Yard by taking photos using an Afghan box camera, or kamera-e-faoree. The relatively simple apparatus allows negative images of subjects to be taken on the spot, then re-photographed, producing a positive image roughly the size of a passport photo. While the resulting photo provides a fairly accurate record of a person’s likeness, the ramshackle apparatus, and manner by which it produces images problematizes photographic objectivity, particularly in terms of identity.
Magic by Baldini – Man of Magical Mystery (2:30pm – 9pm)

From Baldini’s website

Baldini has been a performance illusionist for over 14 years and his approach to presenting Magic has always been about making people smile. When engaged with his subjects, he perfectly blends highly witty comedy with a powerfully engaging, “blow-your-mind” repertoire of illusions, thus producing a palpable sense of mysterious Magic. Baldini also has extensive experience performing in front of large audiences. He has put on over 50 shows in the Ontario Science Centre’s 470 seat auditorium and has led over 70 Science of Magic workshops there as well. Baldini has appeared on mainstream TV a number of times, including “The Listener” & “The L.A. Complex”  (CTV), “The Zone” & “Zoink’d” (YTV), “Breakfast Television” (CityTV), “The Being Frank Show” (CHCH), “Come Dine With Me” (W Network), “The Healthy Gourmet” (OWN Network) and “Daytime” (Rogers). He also appeared in the 2011 major motion film, Walt Disney’s “Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure”. Baldini’s clever patter, combined with his devious Magical sleights and smooth sounding voice, always make for an exceptionally entertaining experience.

Costume Station by Kenway Yu (6-9pm)

Papercraft Workstation by Kenway Yu (photo by Rotem Petranker)

Papercraft Workstation by Kenway Yu (photo by Rotem Petranker)

“Time to play! Come and put crayon and scissor to paper at the Papercraft Workstation. Make some art or just have fun. Hats, jewelry, toys, you name it!

Community Hub (Medland Street)

Giant Interactive Comic Book Installation (noon – 10pm)

Giant Interactive Comic Book Installation by Tanya Decarie (photo by Rotem Petranker)

Giant Interactive Comic Book Installation by Tanya Decarie (photo by Rotem Petranker)

The basic idea is to have a large comic book with a loose narrative. Each page will be at least half a metre in length and width ideally (wide enough for more people to read or draw on it, and short enough that it can be easily read from where one might be sitting/standing). Certain spaces and speech bubbles will be left blank, and other areas will be left uncoloured. Markers and pens will be provided at the party so that attendees can write, draw, and colour in the blank areas of the comic. I am also considering leaving a blank page for people to write their names, so that we might know how many different people contributed throughout the night.

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